Thursday, June 09, 2011

Why Chiquita Banana?

For those of you wondering how I got the name "The Chiquita Banana" well it's quite simple really...

See when I was little I used to always wear really frilly girly dresses the more ruffles or baby roses the better! And I would do this little dance where I would shake my hips side to side and  then not to mention one of my favorite snacks we're bananas! I loved them don't ask me why but I used to literally eat at least two per day. So the name just sort of clicked. Even now those closest to me in my family still call me either "chiquita" or "chiquita banana".

It also was the specific type of bananas I would eat. Growing up being puerto rican, salvadorian and a little mexican bananas we're a staple snack I guess you can say. We would and still do eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner as "platanos fritos" with some refried beans. :)
(Little me back in the day with my brother; I know chubby cheeks!)

That's my story of how I got my name & here's the original commercial from the 40s.

xoxo, chiquita banana

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